Pane Italiano v 3.95

Selection of Italian breads


Olive Miste v 3.95

Mixed olives marinated in oil, coriander, red pesto


*Pane All’Aglio v 5.50

Garlic bread


*Pane All’Aglio con Formaggio v 6.95

Garlic bread cheese

*Pane All’Aglio con Pomodoro v 6.50

Garlic bread tomato

Pane All’Aglio Meta Meta v 6.95

Garlic bread 50/50

*Gluten Free Bases Available 2.50 Supplement




Focaccia Italiano v 6.95

Flatbread topped with halloumi, red pesto, balsamic onion & spinach, sweet chilli dip

Rosemarino v 6.25

Flatbread topped with rosemary, sea salt, olive oil & olives

Nduja Polpetta  6.95

Flatbread topped with spicy nduja (hot), meatballs & smoked sausage, spicy tomato relish

Mozzarella di Bufala v v 6.50

Flatbread topped with baby mozzarella, sun blushed tomatoes, basil oil

Gluten Free Bases available 2.50 Supplement


Zuppa di Minestrone Tradizional v 5.95

Homemade minestrone soup, warm ciabatta


Bruschetta Al Pomodoro v 6.45

Lightly toasted ciabatta topped with tomato bruschetta salsa, cherry tomatoes, basil oil

Bucce de Patata v 5.95

Deep fried potato skins, barbecue & garlic dips


Insalata Caprese v

Buffalo mozzarella & plum tomato salad, green pesto, drizzled with basil oil


Antipasti Italiana (sharer for 2 persons) 13.95

Selection of cured meats, breads & olives

Calamari Fritti 7.25

Battered Calamari, lemon & garlic aioli


Funghi All’Aglio v 6.95

Pan fried button & chestnut mushrooms, garlic cream sauce, served on ciabatta


Pâté Rustica 6.95

Homemade chicken liver pâté, orange  jelly, sweet balsamic baby onions, crostini


Brie Impanato v 6.95

Deep fried breaded brie, cranberry & tomato salsa, beetroot gel


Sanguinaccio con salsa Pepe 7.45

Black pudding in peppercorn sauce, crispy pancetta & poached egg


Pollo Appiccoso Dell’Aglio con Zenzero 7.25

Crispy marinated chicken pieces, garlic, ginger & sticky BBQ glaze topped with sesame seeds


Morsi di Merzzulo Paprika 6.95

Deep fried paprika cod pieces in tempura batter, tartare sauce & tangy lemon gel


Gamberoni Tempura 9.75

Tempura battered king prawns, sweet chilli dip


Gamberoni All’Aglio 9.75

Pan fried king prawns, choice of garlic butter or tomato & chilli sauce on focaccia bread


Cozze  Starter 8.50       Main 13.95

Steamed mussels, choice of garlic & cream sauce or tomato & chilli sauce, ciabatta





Penne, Linguine or Tagliatelle 

Add any of the following to pasta dishes 1.50 each extra, Chargrilled halloumi, crispy pancetta, chicken breast pieces, anchovies & mixed olives

Pomodoro v  9.50
Classic homemade Napoli sauce, cherry tomatoes


Arrabiata v 9.50
Classic homemade Napoli sauce, fresh chillies & garlic

Al Funghi v 9.95
Sautéed wild mushrooms, cream & garlic


Bolognese Ragu 9.95

Our own recipe slow cooked Bolognese

Puttenesca 10.45

Tuna, olives & garlic, napoli sauce


Piccante 10.95

Spiced chicken, cherry tomatoes & spinach, mild chilli cream


Carbonara  9.95
Classic carbonara, pancetta, cream & parmesan

Diavola  10.45

Pepperoni, spicy beef, red onions, chilli & garlic, napoli sauce


Alfredo 10.45

Pan fried chicken & mushrooms with Napoli sauce, cream & garlic


Lasagne al Forno 10.95

Layered sheets of pasta, Bolognese, béchamel sauce topped with cheese & baked in the oven


Verdure al Forno v 10.45
Penne pasta, roasted Mediterranean vegetables, napoli & cream sauce topped with cheese & baked in the oven


Salmone Crema 10.75

Smoked salmon & cherry tomatoes, cream & garlic sauce


Broccolini Verde v 10.45
Tender stem broccoli, butterbeans & green pesto, cream sauce


Aldo 10.95

Spiced chicken pieces, pancetta, onions & garlic, Napoli sauce

Gluten Free Penne Pasta is available



Dishes below available as Pasta or Risotto 

Pescatore 14.95

Baby prawns, cockles, fresh mussels, squid, garlic & tomato sauce

Polpette di Carne 13.45

Mini meatballs, smoked sausage & pancetta in a spicy Nduja (hot) tomato & cream sauce

 Di Pollo 12.45

Creamy Napoli sauce, red onion, spinach, chicken & garlic topped with crisped pancetta


 Di Funghi e Broccoli v 11.95

Pan fried wild mushrooms, cream & garlic, topped with tempura broccoli

 Di Pesce 14.95

Baby prawns, smoked salmon, cod fillet pieces & cherry tomatoes topped with king prawns, cream sauce

Elenora v 12.45

Courgettes, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, green pesto & garlic.

Top with chargrilled chicken 1.50 extra





Margherita v 9.25

Napoli sauce, mozzarella & basil


Bolognese 9.95

Our homemade Bolognese topped with mozzarella


Pollo e Funghi 10.95

Napoli sauce, mozzarella, chicken, mushrooms & garlic

Napoli  10.45

Napoli sauce, mozzarella, anchovies & olives


Funghi v 9.95

Napoli sauce, mozzarella, wild mushrooms & thyme


Pepperoni 10.45

Napoli sauce, mozzarella & pepperoni

Puttenesca  10.45

Napoli sauce, mozzarella, tuna, olives & garlic


Quattro Stagioni 10.45

Napoli sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, red onions & peppers (available mixed)


Diavola  10.95

Napoli sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, red onions, chilli & garlic


Verdure v 10.45

Napoli sauce, mozzarella, roasted Mediterranean vegetables


Hawaiian  9.75

Napoli sauce, mozzarella, ham & pineapple

Manzo Piccante 10.95

Napoli sauce, mozzarella, spicy jalapeno beef & onion





Calzone Classico 11.95

Folded pizza filled with mozzarella, ham, mushrooms & red onions, Napoli sauce

Bolognese sauce £1 extra


Verdure Calzone v 11.50

Folded pizza filled with mozzarella & roasted Mediterranean vegetables, Napoli sauce


Quattro Formaggi v 11.95

4 cheeses, mature cheddar, blue stilton, baby mozzarella, parmesan shavings

Prosciutto di Parma 11.95

Napoli sauce, mozzarella, Parma ham, salad leaves & parmesan shavings


Salmone Affumicato 11.95

Napoli sauce, mozzarella, smoked salmon, red onion & baby mozzarella


Pollo Appiccicoso 11.95

Napoli sauce, mozzarella, spring onions & sticky barbecue chicken, sesame seeds


Calzone Polpette di Carne 12.95

Mozzarella, meatballs, smoked sausage & spicy nduja paste (hot), bolognese sauce

Pescatore 12.95

Seafood, prawns, mussels, cockles, squid & garlic

Festa di Carne Cancello 12.95

Meatballs, pepperoni, smoked sausage, chicken & bolognese

Gluten free bases available 2.50 Supplement



10oz Sirloin 22.95

Angus 28 day matured Sirloin steak, onion rings, roasted tomato & mushrooms


8oz Fillet 28.95

Angus 28 day matured Fillet steak, onion rings, roasted tomato & mushrooms


(The above steaks include a choice of any sauce & side dish)

Fillet Rossini 30.95

Angus 28 day matured Fillet Steak, served on toasted ciabatta bread, topped with pate, rich madeira wine sauce,

and a choice of any side dish

Mare e Monti

Surf & turf, king prawns & baby prawns in garlic butter

10 oz Sirloin             28.95       8oz Fillet            34.95




Peppercorn/Salsa di Pepe Verde

Green peppercorn & brandy sauce


Dijon/Salsa di Digion Fungi

Dijon mustard & mushroom sauce

Diane/Salsa di Diana 

Mushroom, onion, french mustard, cream & brandy

Dolcelatte/Salsa di Dolcelatte

Rich blue cheese & cream sauce

Crema/Salsa a fungi

Wild mushroom, onions, cream, garlic & white wine sauce

Don Phillipe/Salsa Don Phillipe

Onions, peppers, olives, red wine, tomato & garlic




Peto di Pollo Fritto 15.95

Pan Fried chicken breast & crushed herb potatoes, served with your choice of any sauce & side dish


Filleto di Maiale Arrosto 15.95

Roasted pork fillet & crushed herb potatoes, served with your choice of any sauce & side dis

il Cancello Burger 13.95

Homemade burger with mozzarella, crispy bacon, tomato salsa, homemade chunky chips & onion rings


Pollo Pangrattato 15.95

Panko bread crumbed chicken breast, with garlic cream or green peppercorn sauce, chunky chips or seasonal veg

Pollo Valdostana 15.95

Panko bread crumbed chicken breast with ham, mozzarella cheese, Napoli sauce, chunky chips or seasonal veg

Strisce di Manzo al Brandy 16.95

Braised strips of beef rump with bacon, mushrooms, onions, Napoli sauce, cream & brandy, served with rice


Stinco di Agnello 17.95

Slow roast lamb shank, crushed herb potatoes,  red wine glaze, rich garlic & rosemary sauce, seasonal veg


Merluzzo di Arosti con Chorizo 14.95

Roasted Cod Fillet, herb crust & sun blushed tomato, olive & chorizo sauce

Pesce Branzino 17.95

Pan fried sea bass fillets, chilli ginger & lime butter served on char grilled vegetables

Salmone con Salsa de Verdure Arrosto 17.95

Oven roasted salmon fillet, potato & roast veg salsa, beetroot and lemon gels


Gamberoni al Burro All’Aglio 18.95

Pan fried king prawns, choice of garlic butter or tomato & chilli sauce with risotto rice & crostini


Gamberoni in Pastella Tempura con Piccante 18.95

Tempura battered king prawns, spicy picante sauce, risotto rice




Insalata di Pollo Cessatore     Starter 6.95     Main 12.95

Roast chicken salad, croutons, anchovies & caesar dressing topped with parmesan shavings


Insalata di Halloumi con Olive v   Starter 6.25     Main 11.95

Char grilled halloumi salad, marinated olives & roast veg


Insalata di Gamberi Halloumi e Pepperoncino .  Starter 6.95     Main 12.95

Sweet chilli marinated baby prawns on char grilled halloumi, rustic crostini & lemon gel






Hand Cut Chunky Chips 3.95

Tagliate a Mano

Rustic Skinny Fries 3.75

Patatine Fritte Rustiche

Garlic Roast Potatoes 3.95

Patata Arrosti All'Aglio 

Mixed House Salad 3.95

Insalata di Casa Mista 

Selection of Seasonal Vegetables 3.95

Medley del Veg

Mixed Mediterranean vegetables in tomato and garlic 3.95

Ragu de Verdure Italiane 


v - vegetarian

Most dishes can be made Gluten Free - please ask

Please Note: All our dishes may contain allergens. If you have any dietary requirements please speak to a member of staff